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Martin Mol. Creating since 1966.

After graduating from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Martin Mol spent years freelancing for PMSvW/Y&R. He has worked as a freelancer for more than 10 years at Publicis Group Slovenia.


Martin Mol and the core.

As a creative, Martin Mol is highly driven to get to the core of things and so come up with a good idea. You can be sure of this as Martin Mol is one of the first freelancers on the Dutch and European market. At agencies such as DDB, Saatchi & Saatchi, ARVH, TBWA, ArnoldVuga, McCann, For Sale, MORE, Ogilvy, Madwise, and many others, Martin Mol gained precious experience with clients and was constantly in touch with a wide range of disciplines, both offline and online. From clever brand activation to behaviour-changing image campaigns to a simple logo that tells a whole story at once.


Pitches with Martin Mol.

Martin Mol won and continues to win a lot of pitches. He is proud of his campaigns for Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, ING bank, Ibis hotels, Karlovacko beer, Yellow Pages, Sterpolis insurance, Insurance Maribor, national road safety... and lots more.


Awards for Martin Mol.

“I’m completely unique for a freelancer”, says Martin Mol in all modesty. By now, he has more than 50 festival nominations with a bunch of bronze, silver and gold on his name (Martin Mol, by the way) - for example, at the New York Festival, Golden Drum, Brumen, PIAF, SOF, ADCN-Cebuco. Such awards are great presents that Martin Mol gives himself and his clients time and time again.


What does Martin Mol think that communication needs?

Passionate and experienced creatives like Martin Mol who want to make remarkable and effective advertising. Martin Mol does just that individually or in a team with ‘permanent’ or freelance art directors for ad agencies or directly for clients. In the case of the latter, Martin Mol puts together a top international team who make a success from your product or service in terms of awareness and sales.


Want to know more about Martin Mol?

If there is one person who understands him completely, then it is Martin Mol. So, just mail Martin Mol or give Martin Mol a call.


Martin Mol. Creating since 1966.

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